Regulations on using the cloakroom at Karczma Bankrut:

1. The cloakroom is obligatory, it is not paid.

2. The dressing room left in the cloakroom is issued based on the returned number.

3. A fee of PLN 10 (say ten zlotys) applies for a lost or damaged number.

4. Losing a number from the cloakroom should be immediately reported to the restaurant staff: the items left in the cloakroom will be handed over after all persons leave the premises or on the next day at the hours indicated by the service.

5. We store items left in the cloakroom for 7 days.

6. The restaurant is not responsible for valuable items, documents, electronic equipment, payment cards etc. left in the cloakroom.

7. At the customer's request, it is allowed to receive from several people their clothing or items for shared storage, but only under the responsibility of the customer.

8. The cloakroom is open in the autumn-winter and winter-spring period.

9. Cloakroom working hours:

• Friday from 18:00

• Saturday from 18:00

• During organized special events, banquets etc.


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