These regulations are regulations within the meaning of art. 384 of the Civil Code, defines the rights and obligations of persons staying at the Karczma Bankrut. Entering the premises of Karczew Bankrut is tantamount to acceptance of the Regulations.




1. Admission to Dancing May:

 adults with an identity card confirming age (in justified cases, staff at Karczma Bankrut may ask guests to provide proof of age).

 press, radio and other media representatives with valid accreditation for Dancing.

 representatives of state and medical services authorized to carry out inspection activities on the basis of valid ID cards after consultation with the organizer's representative.

2. Table reservations can be made on the spot or by phone at 725-900-950

3. The reservation is canceled after 30 minutes from the agreed time of booking.





1. People staying at Karczma Bankrut are obliged to behave in a way that does not threaten the safety of other people.

2. Persons staying at the Bankrut Inn are obliged to strictly follow the instructions and orders of the security services, service of the Bankrut Inn, in particular in situations of fire risk.

3. People entering Dancing are obliged to leave their outer garments in the cloakroom and read the changing room regulations.

4. Persons wanting to leave the premises during the dancing are obliged to pay the bill first. The next entry to the dance involves a renewed admission fee.

5. It is forbidden to smoke tobacco and e-cigarettes except for the smoking room located in the lower room.

6. Customers of Karczma Bankrut are prohibited from:

 bringing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

 consuming your own alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in the premises as well as in the car park belonging to Karczma Bankrut.

 bring your own food.

 bringing intoxicants.

 possessing and bringing in pyrotechnic materials, sharp tools and other objects that may threaten the safety of others.

 entering rooms and places that are intended for personnel only.

 taking pictures of people without their knowledge and consent.

Alkoholu placing alcohol or beverages in places where it may pose a threat to people arriving at Dancer or a threat to equipment.

 pollution and littering and destruction of Karcz Bankrut's property.

 selling, advertising, acquisition and carrying out fundraisers without the consent of Karczma Bankrut's owner

7. The security guard has the right to view the contents of the bags, backpacks and clothing of people entering the Bankrut Inn if they suspect that they bring or possess the items referred to in the item above.

8. Persons who do not comply with the above prohibitions and do not comply with the service instructions will be removed from the premises of the Bankrupt Tavern or transferred to the Police.

9. AZIK Wójtowicz i Wspólnicy spółka jawna is not responsible for items left at Karczma Bankrut, excluding the cloakroom.




1. For the destruction or damage of AZIK Wójtowicz and partners general partnership, persons who have committed this act bear material and criminal liability: each offense of crime and vandalism will be reported to the Police. At the same time, these persons will be subject to a ban on entering Bankrut Bank.

2. Disputes in matters not covered in these regulations shall be resolved by the management of Karczma Bankrut.

3. Complaints and motions will be accepted in writing.

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